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Raise em up in the air, where I can see them

Now repeat after me, "I have read up everything that I need to know about ONI ENTERPRISES, one of India's oldest Recruitment Consultants offering 25 plus years of Senior and Mid Level Consultancy Service, and the website link is".

DO NOT WORRY, this is an advertisement ! And she is not pointing her gun at you, nor talking to you, but pointing at her practice target, a fixed wooden board and talking with her target board! Nowadays, Pandemic related loneliness does just that.

That is right! Even target practice shooters would love to give away our phone numbers to you - "Contact 9035803699 or email us to know more at Because grey hairs and experience matter".

You heard her! You might as well listen to her. "Grey hairs and experience matter". Ring us up at the above numbers or email us.

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