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About: ONI Recruitment Agency,
in recruitments SINCE 1996

ONI RECRUITMEN AGENCY , the extended online face of ONI ENTERPRISES

  • ONI ENTERPRISES, online face being ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY, this RECRUITMENT AGENCY was born in 1996 in a small office space in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

  • ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY. This Job Placement agency used to provide Junior Managers back in those days. ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY, the extended online face of ONI ENTERPRISES, graduated to providing Managing Directors and Presidents who could turn around the loss-making organizations.

  • This Placement Consultancy has been keeping an eye on performers in the industry for a very long time. A news of a high performer in the News Media makes us jot down his or her name and we somehow manage to procure their resumes.

  • We are thus presenting proven professionals to employers such as yourself.

  • Our Database of Job seekers (not from Job Portals) is astounding. It has the Who is Who of the Industry.

  • And with our longevity of past 23 plus years, we’ve learned that RECRUITMENTS is not a numbers game — it’s a relationship-building business.

  • With a team of 35 work from home employees, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs. That’s why ONI Recruitment Agency puts an emphasis on listening to you, guiding you and matching our mutual goal then onwards with agreed professionals.

  • Whenever you so desire, ONI ENTERPRISES, this Recruitment Consultancy would love to speak with you!

  • Considering the Covid 19 threat, do consider contacting us today to schedule an online one to one, or group Video meeting.

Modern Work Space
Getting Coffee
Giving a Presentation
Working Together
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We offer to design your advertisements too.

We WRITE to cause your success



Chief Executive

Aniruddha is a published author who keeps writing short stories. He has created and is very active in the LinkedIn profile which has the Who is Who in the Global Film Industry as members. He designs various advertisements for our organization and models for the same too.

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Vidya Pillai

Senior Content Writer

Vidya is a work from home blogger and also expresses her views on feminism through various media. Your task shall be distributed by her to various similarly qualified Content Writers below her.

We can serve your interests at very competitive rates by doing the following for you:

1. Article Writing Service
Articles are meant to bring about some difference in the world by changing the views of the people through article writing. There are various types of article writings. These are writing a newspaper article, writing a magazine article, SEO article writing, online article writing, freelance article writing, and many more.
2. Blog Writing Service
Blog publishing is a big part of content marketing. It involves writing and publishing targeted content on your blog and then ensuring that maximum people can access that content.

Guest Blog Writing Service
Essentially, any blog can be used as a “guest blog” – what really matters is that you find the best guest blog writers to work on your articles to ensure you have created fantastic, shareable content that paints you as an authority in your industry.

Google loves a regularly updated blog. The very architecture of a blog is created in such a manner that it makes you create search engine friendly content. If you don’t spam your content, regularly publishing your blog improves your organic search engine rankings automatically.

As an individual or a business that does not specialize in blog publishing, it is difficult for you to regularly come up with not just interesting topics, but also convincing writing.

3. Voice Optimized Content Writing Service (By 2022, almost 55% of adults worldwide are expected to own a smart AI-based device that relies on voice search. According to studies, voice shopping will swell to a $40 billion industry around that time. And about 24% of respondents say they will prefer searching by voice-over conventional Internet searches, Capgemini reports.)
For Large Order Volume: Rupees 2 per word. If yours is a rush order, then Rupees 3.5 per word.

Fully Dedicated Team
Dedicated Editor
Content Performance Tracking
Unlimited Meetings
Free Monthly Report

4. Press Release Writing Service 
A press release writing service drafts a press release for a business. A press distribution service will then send this press release to multiple media outlets. Many press release distribution companies combine their writing and distribution services to provide users with a complete solution.
Great For Personal Use
 Basic Research Done
 Zero Plagiarism
 Limited Corrections & Optimizations
 Active Customer Support
 Proofread By Editors

5. Website Content Writing Service (SEO friendly Writing)
Today, most businesses that know the importance of online (WWW) marketing, has a website to inform the global customer.
SEO copywriting works as an efficient tool in attracting consumers as well as scavenging search engines. With crawlers always on the hunt for relevant keywords, it is optimized content that acts as sumptuous worm to hungry search engine spiders. In a nutshell, SEO content writing is a means of increasing the fruits of your web communication through a highly optimized website content that is created by judiciously incorporating target keyword and key phrases. At ONI ENTERPRISES, our SEO copywriting services help you take your business to a next level.

6. eCommerce Product Description Writing Service
Our product description writing service includes the use of keywords incorporated naturally within the text to enhance your website’s SEO and we ensure that every description is 100% original. Far too often, sellers simply duplicate the copy written by manufacturers in their eCommerce stores, not realizing that this is doing more harm than good.

7. Novel or Book Ghost Writing Service
WHO IS A GHOSTWRITER? A Ghostwriter is a writer, who writes on behalf of someone else. Ghostwriting is a service where experts like us will write a book on your behalf even while maintaining full confidentiality so that the writer can use his name as the sole writer of the book. 

Creative writing services:
What is Creative Writing? Writing, typically fiction or poetry, which displays imagination or fiction or invention (often contrasted with academic or journalistic writing which involves true facts).The aim of creative writing is not to educate but to entertain. Its aim is to provoke a reaction by stirring emotions. 

8.Copy Writing or Advertising Content Writing
Copywriting is a skill of writing marketing and promotional content writing. It can be used in various industries, from finance to healthcare. Copywriters are also responsible for designing the content on the Company's literature pages, deciding what images or videos to add and what call-to-action button to use, from amongst various images, videos and other call to action buttons provided.

For any further clarifications, please feel free to contact us. 

Click below to contact us vide our email identity.

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