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Steps to Recruit candidates

ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY , is the extended online face of ONI ENTERPRISES,

Informative Interview

Step 1:


Send us an email to Detail your vacancy to this Placement Agency as follows:

(1) Designation: Let this Recruitment Agency know, how will you refer to him? What will be shown on his appointment letter ? What is the Designation to be given to candidate

(2) The Job Description: Let this Placement Consultancy in India know the Job to be done by Candidate in minute detail

(3)The Experience range:  Let this Job Placement Consultancy know the - Years of experience of your ideal candidate. (For example: Between 15 years to 25 years)If not found , then lower experience range(for example between 10 years to 15 years range).

(4) Qualification: Let this Job Placement Agency know the Qualification of your ideal candidate. If not found , then lower qualification range.

(5) The Age Range : Let this Executive Search Consultancy know - What is the ideal age of your candidate? If you do not know then no problem! Let us offer you the best candidates within your budget.

(6) His Specialization in specific areas: Mention your absolute need of your candidate having experience in working with specific products (for example plastic emulsion) or experience with a specific task(programming software for automation of PLC Panel), or with High Rise Buildings. Inform these requirements to this Job Consultancy.

(7) Your salary Budget: What can you offer your ideal candidate for the job to be done? Remember that a demotivated candidate may not be able to contribute his best quality. It is important to either go with the market trend of salary for his experience or higher. Inform your budget to this Recruitment Consultancy in India.


Step 2:

ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY will send you the Terms.
You may then email a reply confirming agreement with the same.

What are "Terms"?

Every relationship or business activity between this Recruitment Agency and yourself, operates on certain mutually agreed Terms, or mutually agreed steps of Operation. Normally Terms are in writing to avoid misunderstanding in future.

What do the Terms contain:

(1) Who am I? What is the name of this Recruitment Consultancy and what is its address? The agreement must similarly provide your details. 

(2) What do we wish to achieve? Herein we wish to Recruit certain Personnel to work for your organization.

(3) What will be our mutually agreed tasks and what is expected of you in exchange?

(4) In how much time is the payment of ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY, this Placement Consultancy in India, expected after the candidate referred by us joins your organization?

Your Confirmation of above Terms:

You need to browse through the above Terms sent by this Recruitment Consultancy in India. Either suggest modifications and after we mutually agree on the same Terms of Operations, it is for you to send us a "Confirmation of above Terms".

Meaning thereby, the above Terms will be the boundary wall within which our mutually beneficial relationship shall flourish.


Step 3:

ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY will email you fitting resumes. You interview them. Shortlist and Recruit the best. You must not delay in responding as good candidates do not wait for ever.

(1) We Email Resumes:

No candidate is available to join another company in perpetuity. He will surely not wait for you alone. A good candidate would be approached by several high salary paying organizations if he is good at his job. It is desired that you browse through each of these resumes at your earliest convenience to ensure that the good candidates do not join elsewhere. It is important for you to reply to the email sent by this Recruitment Agency at the earliest.

(2) You interview Candidates:

It is possible that you may not possess the qualification to interview the candidate that you desire to recruit. It is possible that he or she (the candidate) is technically far more qualified than you are. You may desire to use the services of equally or higher qualified and higher experienced person than the candidate himself. Hence, you shall have to organize or take the help of this Placement Consultancy to organize and thus ensure that a suitable candidate is selected to join your services. 

(3) Test the Candidate:

It is important for you to observe the quality of the candidate working in your ideal working environment, for a mutually agreed testing time. This will help you to give some feedback to ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY this Recruitment Consultancy.

(4) Pay us our fees:

When you are satisfied that the candidate is exactly as per the Job Description sent by your organization to us, then check the Invoice (Bill for the Services provided by ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY, this Job Placement Agency) and pay us our fees vide bank to bank transaction.

Important Service Henceforth

Steps to be Followed

Informative Interview

Step 4:

Free Replacement Guarantee

What is "Free Replacement"?
Within the "Terms", you would have checked the clause titled, "Free Replacement". It means that you DO NOT have to pay any further amounts to ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY, this Placement Consultancy, if the candidate provided by this Recruitment Agency to your organization leaves the services of your organization before the mutually agreed "Free Replacement Guarantee" period. You shall be provided another candidate, free of all costs by ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY, this Placement Agency! No worries! Why? Because our goodwill matters more. A happy client will be referring our name to several others in the market. We create our good will through these gestures. Your goodwill is our branding!


Step 5

Our Team keeps in touch with your Board

ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY continues to be in constant touch with you, as well as your organization. Your organizational goal becomes our combined goal, and we shall take constant feedbacks to ensure that we are guiding your organization towards wealth creation and helping you towards achieving your desired level of satisfaction.


Ultimate Achievement

Level Of Excellence

We shall reach the ultimate level of excellence when everything moves like an automated machine. Profit levels exceed your expectations. Every department knows what is expected of them and motivational levels are at the highest.

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