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Following are sample resumes that may interest you

ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY offers you free sample resumes on this page. We can offer several such free samples to you when you contact us. At ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY (the extended online face of ONI ENTERPRISES), we’ll keep you connected to top talent. Top Performing Managing Directors, famous HRD Heads, well known Directors. Whenever and wherever you need them, now that the Pandemic may soon be over. Contact ONI Recruitment Agency today, so this Placement Consultant can help you find the perfect people best suited for your needs and requirements and begin conducting the interviews. This Recruitment Consultant will make sure to create the perfect fit between companies and employees so that both sides are happy in the end. Let this Placement Agency help you today.

Informative Interview

Talent Number 1

Work with the Best -
recruit him.

Talent number one is a Group Head HR cum Administration. He has worked in large Infrastructure companies. He has used Recruitment Agencies to recruitment the best professionals globally. Very soon large Roads, Bridge, Canal, River, large factories will be set up on a PAN India basis. To recruit such Top personnel you need such a senior HR Professional to contact Placement Consultants who will ensure that you have a database of good candidates who are ready to join you far in advance. HR Professionals like him normally take home salaries starting from 5 INR crores and above. No he is not looking for a change. This Recruitment Consultant shall provide you with his past performance details and then it shall take us around 1 year to 1.5 years to break him away and join you. Until then, be ready to sit over several cups of coffee at neutral points to convince and cajole him to work for you.


Talent Number 2

Talent You Can Trust -
MANAGING DIRECTOR(Infrastructure),
recruit him

This Recruitment Agency offers you Talent Number two! Talent Number 2 is a well known Managing Director of an Infrastructure company. No he is not available . In fact he is working. This Placement Consultancy is in regular touch with him. Such Managing Directors are hard core negotiators and can manage to procure BOT projects worth 100 to 300 INR Crores or more. They have vast experience in supervising highly qualified Presidents and Vice Presidents of various divisions of an EPC Project company. Such Managing Directors can ensure that their projects are executed with the highest quality equipment, manpower and material, at the lowest cost, at the shortest time possible. This Recruitment Consultant has verified the same. He earns around the range of 10 plus INR crores annually plus perks. He needs to be coaxed with details of the challenge involved and the facilities being made available to him to perform your desired goal.


Talent Number 3

Get the Job Done -
Structural Designer, now in Dubai,
recruit him

This Recruitment Agency offers you Talent number three! Talent number 3 is a famous Dubai based Structural Designer for high rises with helipads and automated, underground, minus four to minus five car parking. This Placement Consultancy has been in regular touch with him. You have seen the uniqueness of buildings in Dubai and the beauty of the environment around such apartments. Each building project of his, is a work of art. This Recruitment Consultant has verified his past experience. Because he is prohibitively expensive, EPC Project companies in India contract professionals like him for a specific design of their project and the contract gets over. This Recruitment Consultant suggests that , unless one project follows another, it does not make sense to recruit such expensive professionals. Well known Structural Designers earn around 15 INR crores per annum and above in Dubai. To break him away for your projects, this Recruitment Agency will need around 1 year to 1.5 years.

Learn how ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY is built to work for you. Contact us and speak with one of our professional experts to see how we can help you.

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