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ONI Recruitment Agency, Mumbai

Lock down gradually being lifted. Quickly, recruit the available proven performers

The Pandemic forced your hand in Mumbai (Maharashtra). You had to reduce paid staff from your offices and kept away from Placement Agencies in Mumbai (Maharashtra). Like you, several organizations did the same and stayed away from ONI Recruitment Agencies, Mumbai (Maharashtra). Thus, a lot many good performers were sitting at home, ready to be grabbed by Recruitment Consultancies in Mumbai (Maharashtra)! Now that the Lockdown is gradually being lifted, grab the best, before others grab them through top Placement Consultancies in Mumbai (Maharashtra)!   

At ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY, one of India's oldest top Recruitment Consultants in Mumbai (Maharashtra), we’ll keep you connected to top talent, whenever and wherever you need it.


(1) If you need a Group Managing Director, through ONI Recruitment Agency, Mumbai (Maharashtra). or

(2) You need a Group President through any Recruitment Consultant at Mumbai (Maharashtra),

(3) You need a Group HR cum Administration head through any Placement Agency at Mumbai (Maharashtra),

(4) You need a Production or Plant Head through any Placement Consultant at Mumbai (Maharashtra),

(5) You need a Head of Information Technology through any Executive Search Agency at Mumbai (Maharashtra),  

(6) You need any President or VP Head of EPC Projects through ONI Recruitment Agency, Mumbai (Maharashtra),  

(7) You need any Senior Oil & Gas Professional through any Recruitment Consultant at Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Whatever be your vacancy, you can easily trust ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY, Mumbai's old age and hence our experience of twenty five plus years in Executive Search Consultancy in Mumbai (Maharashtra). You can trust ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY's past experience to be able to create the perfect fit between companies and employees so that both sides are happy in the end.

Let our old age and experience help drive your recruitment process henceforth.


Casual Business Meeting
Informative Interview

You may want ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY in Mumbai (Maharashtra) to Take over your Recruitment Division

Save cost by letting us do your total recruitment


Position Recruitment or filling up individual vacancies

Use our 25 plus years old experience as a Placement Consultant to help you fill up individual vacancies in Mumbai (Maharashtra).



Use ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY, Mumbai's past 25 years of experience to understand your specific Recruitments, HR cum Administration needs and to get your total recruitment process designed, recruited, trained and ready to perform. And thus, you can have an HR cum administration division with the smallest team.

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