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Raise em up in the air, where I can see them

Now repeat after me, "I have read up everything that I need to know about ONI ENTERPRISES, one of India's oldest Recruitment Consultants offering 25 plus years of Senior and Mid Level Consultancy Service, and the website link is". DO NOT WORRY, this is an advertisement ! And she is not pointing her gun at you, nor talking to you, but pointing at her practice target, a fixed wooden board and talking with her target board! Nowadays, Pandemic re

Recruiting Tigers , or Kittens?

Indian Tigers are heading various organizations all over the world. These wealth creators, these "Tigers of the industry", are rare to find. However, you will find too many of those "highly qualified" kittens imitating the Tigers of the professional world. Can they really help you turn around the company that you had so painstakingly created? If you wish to create wealth once again after this dreadful Pandemic, then contact ONI ENTERPRISES, (M)9035803699 https://www.onirecrui

MD? President? COO? CEO?

Looking out to recruit a Managing Director? President? COO or CEO? Touch base with 25 years of experience in Recruitment Consultancy. ONI ENTERPRISES ( one of the oldest Recruitment Agencies in the world. We shall offer you the most experienced Professionals to guide your organization out from the quicksand of the Pandemic and towards profitability and wealth. Contact the oldest Recruitment Consultant now. Contact ONI ENTERPRISES. Ring 933914

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