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Rs 1200000 to 5000000 per annum for you

INR Rupees 1200000 to 5000000 per annum or more, can be your easy annual earning (even while you are sitting at home) provided you know HR heads personally , and leverage same contacts to ensure that ONI ENTERPRISES ( , one of India's oldest Recruitment Consultants offering 25 plus years experience , gets empaneled with various PAN India organizations. And ensure subsequently that ONI ENTERPRISES gets Senior and Mid Level Vacancy Orders on a Pan India basis from said organizations. Then assist ONI ENTERPRISES in getting its due payment from these organizations after the candidates join the services of the recruiting company. Its easy to earn and its big money - all for yourself. Interested? Contact Aniruddha Roy Choudhury, ONI ENTERPRISES, 9339149499 or email Let us shake hands to help you get your first due payment cheque from us. So are you going to earn your INR Rupees 1200000 to 5000000 per annum ?

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