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The magic of a good NAMASTE instead of a handshake during a Job interview

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Remember the good old "Pre - Corona" days? The days when you could grab any hand, give the hand a good shake, just to make a positive impression? And your deep throated, "Hullo!" Remember the days when you had met your colleagues for the first time and you gave them your famous smile from that 6 foot two inches height and then you shook their hands, one by one? And and one of them simply would not want to let go? She simply could not take her eyes away from that smile of yours!

Well ! Those were the good old days because until the cure for, the infamous Covid - 19 infection has proved to be effective, you are advised to fold your hands in a "Namaste" and greet everybody in the centuries old fashion of the centuries old culture , the Indian Hindu way. No touching, simply , express that you respect one another with a "Namaste". No touching, and unintentionally passing on the deadly germs to people you care for. Maintaining a safe distance and wearing a mask, both are important during todays interview. No you do not have the chance to let there be an accidental wardrobe malfunction, meaning the mask, so that people may see you flash your famous "ooh lala lala" smile.

During these pandemic times, your words, that you distinctly speak through your mask, and your eyes, have to do all the talking on your behalf!

But yes, your get up, now that matters too. You would look natty in a full length shirt, a tie and your full length trousers, with a smart belt to hold it in place.

If you are a female, then a trouser and a shirt would do fine. Unless you are comfortable in a saree, do avoid trying experiments during an important interview. To prove your affinity to the age old Indian culture, just a "Namaste" would do fine.

A "Namaste" allows you to stand ramrod straight while you greet your interviewer. You do not have to bend forward but many do so out of pure reverence or out of obvious respect. Now that is your call. "To bend or not to bend!"

Another advantage of the "Namaste" is that there is no restriction on the time for how long you want to keep your palms folded to greet the other person. You may walk in with a "Namaste" from the moment you open the interview room door. You may stop and bring your hands down or you may decide to keep your palms together in reverence, until you reach your seat .

Do not worry! It is going to become a healthy, safe for all, habit for you and your friends. So enjoy greeting your friend today with a "Namaste!"


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