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The extended online face of ONI ENTERPRISES

The 25 plus year old Placement Consultant . One of India's (and Asia's) oldest. 
We now also offer Contractual Web Content Writing Services

ONI -  one of India's(and Asia's) oldest Recruitment Consultancy. We continue the tradition of guiding you towards recruiting wisely.
Recruit wisely so that your team can create wealth.

Experienced, Mature, Meticulous

Find Performing employees in Asia including in India through ONI ENTERPRISES

Now Recruit Performers to ensure faster recovery

Consult one of the oldest  Recruitment Consultancies in India

  • You need an old, experienced and a professional Recruitment Agency who can ask you to sit back while we create wealth for you.

  • You may need a Managing Director, a President, a General Manager, or any senior or mid level professional when you wish to re-start after the recession. That is why this Job Placement Agency's team of experts does everything in its power to locate such professionals for you and take the pressure away from you.

  • ONI ENTERPRISES, this Placement Consultancy specializes in sourcing and recruiting only the best, from many industries. For example, Heavy & Light Engineering Projects, including Real Estate Projects & Manufacturing, Electrical or Chemical or Mechanical or Electronic products. For example, Railway Metro Projects, or Solar Power Plant Project, or Mining Projects or Information Technology Projects, or Automation , or Artificial Intelligence related Software Development or Software Programming. 

  • ONI ENTERPRISES, this Executive Search Agency does Projects related recruitments for example, Chemical Factory Projects. Road Projects. Bridge Projects. Canal Projects. High Rise Building Projects. Purchase Engineers, Logistics personnel, Human Resources cum Administration Heads, Piping Engineers for the Oil Industry.

  • Whatever your needs may be, ONI ENTERPRISES, this Placement Agency is here for you. Contact us to jumpstart your business and make the process a simple as it can be.

Find Performing Employees in India through ONI ENTERPRISES

Content Writing Solutions

Hassled by salaries to be paid to absent, irresponsible employees?

  • Considering the Pandemic is long over, and India is everybody's favourite (safe) investment destination, call ONI ENTERPRISES, this Recruitment Agency over Video Conferencing and discuss your Content Writing, Advertising Content Writing challenges with us.

  • ONI ENTERPRISES, this Placement Consultancy begins with understanding your company and how best the Content Writing , Advertising Content Writing  may be executed.

  • ONI ENTERPRISES, this Recruitment Consultant, then tries to understand the frequency of modifications to the Website or Advertisement Content that you desire or is advisable to meet your wealth growth plans. This is part of our Content Writing , Advertising Content Writing responsibilities.

  • Here at ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY , your draft of the Content Writing , Advertising Content Writing  would be shown to you and the editing shall be done subsequently.

  • ONI ENTERPRISES, this Job Placement Agency will submit the final Web Content Writing , Advertising Content Writing  to you. Your Graphic Designers would get to work with the matter and merge the graphics with the matter submitted by us. Then you would publish the final written matter online . Based on the response from the potential customers, you shall ask us for modifications in the Web Content Writing , Advertising Content Writing. 

  • Contact ONI ENTERPRISES, this Recruitment Consultancy now please and help us understand your requirement better for Web Content Writing , Advertising Content Writing . Yes, we are waiting.

Connect With ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY, the online extended face of ONI ENTERPRISES.

We do not charge any fees from any candidate. Our fees are paid by the Employer.

Our West Bengal India, our service has a Brick & Mortar Head Office address: Palash bari, Purnidevi Road, Bhubondanga, Gurupalli, Bolpur, Shantiniketan , West Bengal, India, 731235


(M) : 9035803699, 9339149499

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