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Chairmen, MD, Dir of #ChipLevel , #Android, #Java #MobileApplication #Developers #TopITprofessionals

Join the – ‘Chairmen, MD, Dir of #ChipLevel , #Android, #Java #MobileApplication #Developers #TopITprofessionals ‘ Group in LinkedIn. Why join? How do you benefit? Explained in detail below. Very soon, Information Technology and hence Artificial Intelligence will drive the growth on a PAN Global basis , with immediate effect. Do not be left behind if you are a businessman or a senior level executive. A large number of senior IT prof

Recruiting Tigers , or Kittens?

Indian Tigers are heading various organizations all over the world. These wealth creators, these "Tigers of the industry", are rare to find. However, you will find too many of those "highly qualified" kittens imitating the Tigers of the professional world. Can they really help you turn around the company that you had so painstakingly created? If you wish to create wealth once again after this dreadful Pandemic, then contact ONI ENTERPRISES, (M)9035803699 https://www.onirecrui

Virus may come! Virus may Go! But ONI ENTERPRISES (Recruitment Agency)goes on for ever

ONI ENTERPRISES ( one of the world's oldest EXECUTIVE SEARCH consultants in the world. We are old. We are 25 plus years old. But our experience is your advantage. ONI ENTERPRISES has helped you recruit proven professionals. Group Managing Directors, Individual company Managing Directors, Engineering Project Company Directors, Software Project Directors, HR & Admin Directors, Factory Directors, and so much more When the Lock Down is lifted a

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