ONI RECRUITMEN AGENCY , the extended online face of ONI ENTERPRISES

  • ONI ENTERPRISES , THIS RECRUITMENT CONSULTANCY  was born in 1996 in a small office space in Salt lake, Kolkata.

  • This Job Placement agency used to provide Junior Managers back in those days. ONI RECRUITMENT AGENCY , the extended online face of ONI ENTERPRISES, graduated to providing Managing Directors and Presidents who could turn around the loss making organizations.

  • This Placement Consultancy has been keeping an eye on performers in the industry for a very long time. A news of a high performer in the News Media makes us jot down his or her name and we somehow manage to procure their resumes.

  • We are thus presenting proven professionals to employers such as yourself.

  • Our Database of Job seekers(not from Job Portals) is astounding. It has the Who is Who of the Industry.

  • And with our longevity of past 23 plus years, we’ve learned that RECRUITMENTS is not a numbers game — it’s a relationship-building business.

  • With a team of 35 work from home employees, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs. That’s why this Recruitment Agency puts an emphasis on listening to you, guiding you and matching our mutual goal then onwards with agreed professionals.

  • Whenever you so desire, ONI ENTERPRISES , this Recruitment Consultancy would love to speak with you!

  • Considering the Covid 19 threat, do consider contacting us today to schedule an online one to one, or group Video  meeting.

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